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Deadsushi - Isah
Hi, I'm Isabell, but most people call me Isah because it's shorter and more unffff. I'm a norwegian cosplayer, amateur musician, designer, j-fashion enthusiast, and I post supercool videos on my youtube channel. I also like voice acting a lot, because it's fun.

Original drawing of Shintaro Kago
Lacey cat ears, so classy meow~
Watch out for all this swag m8, 2 intense 4 u
My bed at my new school is pretty kawaii right now
I’m gonna bring all these plushies with me to my new school, holy fuck I’ll be known as “Lord of the Plushies” BUT I HAVE TO, I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM ☆彡●▽●
Last night with friends before moving to new school, so I gave them two of my sushi plushies to bring with them, and I’ll bring one with me~ ♥╯ε ╰

RINGOSUMMER by - (SK) // cyurei

Ego is self-maximizing choice.  Eco is collectivism. emo is not the same thing as scene wow dont you know anything